Foot pressure mapping insole - pedar

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What is the pedar system?

pedarĀ® - for pressure distribution measurement in the shoe - makes it possible to analyze the interaction between foot and shoe in highest quality and precision.

The portable sensor system enables the pedography in the shoe and measures the pressures, forces and their distribution that occur in the shoe.

The main pedarĀ® functions are: measuring and analyzing the pressure inside the shoe during different movements and in mobile situations using reliable and precise sensors. The sensors can be used to scan the entire contact area with individually calibrated sensors that cover 99.5% of the contact area between foot and shoe.

pressure mapping insole - pedar

Analysis of the data allows conclusions to be drawn about the interaction between foot and shoe in real time. This makes it easy to analyze influence and changes due to changes in the shoe (e.g. shoe insoles, gait parameters, etc.)

Some applications of pedar system are:
- footwear shoe research and design
- kinetic analysis of free gait in biomechanics
- long term load monitoring
- sport biomechanics
- biofeedback

pressure mapping insole - pedar - precise mobile pressure measurement under foot
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pedar software:

pressure mapping software - pedar - mobile pressure measurement under foot

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