Foot pressure mapping platform - emed

Accurate & reliable foot analysis

What is the emed platform for pressure mapping?

foot pressure measurement - emed

emed® - the barefoot pressure platform - enables the analysis of pressure distribution and pressure mapping during walking to be measured with the highest quality.
The Platform makes it easy to scan the pressure distribution and perform a reliable and precise analysis of foot function.

pressure mapping sensors

The main emed® functions are: the acquisition of pressure and force distribution during walking, balancing, running and many other dynamic and static movements by means of reliable, capacitive, individually calibrated sensors. The platform can be easily integrated into laboratory or medical environments and the signal synchronized.

The software automatically generates predefined reports and analyses for a variety of applications such as gait analysis, pressure spikes or diabetes screening.

pressure mapping sensors

By using emed in pedography, doctors are able to monitor the diabetic foot. High local pressure on the plantar side of the foot can cause diabetic ulceration.
emed systems record and evaluate pressure distribution under the foot provide accurate and reliable information for the analysis of foot function and diagnosis of foot pathologies.

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Pedography systems:

The emed platform is available in 5 different emed variants. Choose between:
- Sizes to meet your space requirements,
- spatial resolutions to meet your testing needs,
- measurement rates based on scheduled activities,
- synchronization options.

emed pedography platform types

emed software:

emed pedography software