pressure mapping on any surface

pressure measurement at any surface interface

Why pliance is the most reliable pressure mapping system?

novel’s capacitive pressure sensors are the heart of the pliance pressure system. These matrix pressure sensors are designed to measure within 3-dimensional deformations; elasticity is key!

Each sensor is perfectly optimized for the application by using advanced elastomers designed by novel. All sensor characteristics are specified and designed during the manufacturing process. Therefore, the exact function of the sensor can be defined to meet any application needs. All properties, such as hysteresis, frequency response, restoring force, temperature effects, and force range are clearly defined.

Many sizes, shapes, spatial resolutions, and configurations are possible.

pressure distribution measurement sensors - body pressure mapping


The pliance hardware has been developed taking into account the varying collection needs of customers. Matrix sizes 16 x 16 (256; pliance 16), 32 x 32 (1042; pliance 32), and 32 x 64 (2048; pliance FTI) are available. Options such as hardware and video synchronization and dynamic amplification are possible.

Communication via various protocols such as Bluetooth or fiber optic cable allows the user to choose measurement protocols that work for their testing environment. Data logging via SD card storage is also possible for remote data collection locations.

Calibration is key to any measuring tool, and the pliance hardware allows each element in the sensor matrix to be individually calibrated and controlled for optimal pressure accuracy and reproducibility. The trublu calibration delivers accurate and reproducible data and may be purchased for customer site calibration ensuring optimal accuracy at all times.

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pliance® key features:

• measure surface pressure with thin, highly compliant matrix sensors
• optimize ergonomics of your product by analyzing the pressure distribution
• Identify pressure peaks caused by your product to solve design challenges
• monitor movement and dynamic pressure changes in realtime
• synchronize any motion capture system


Measure the pressure between any varying surface, whether it is soft or hard. Applications include hand tool, intra-socket in people with amputations, bed mapping (body pressure on bed mattresses), pressure measurement for car seat or office chair, horse saddle optimisation, car safety tests, wheelchair cushion pressure mapping, and wide range of applications.

pressure mapping software - pliance - novel gmbh
pressure mapping software - pliance - novel gmbh

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pliance software:

The pliance Expert data collection software provides many options for collection and viewing of pressure data and concludes with the export of the raw pressure and force data. The pliance Recorder software offers visual feedback by capturing pressure and video synchronously.

pressure mapping software - pliance - novel gmbh