Hand pressure mapping - manugraphy

hand pressure mapping sensors

What is manugraphy?

manugraphy - the cylindrical pressure distribution sensor enables precise measurement of pressure and force distribution in the hand.

With the help of the manugraphy system, pre- and postoperative measurements can be performed to analyze hand function, in-depth hand assessment and hand diagnostics

How can manugraphy be used?

The manugraphy system allows the precise and reliable analysis of the force and pressure distribution that a person can apply. The measurements allow a variety of analyses and thus conclusions about the condition and functionality of the hands.

The system can be used as a measuring device in research as well as in diagnostics or therapy. For measurement, the cylindrical sensor is grasped by a user. The pressure distribution that appears during gripping allows conclusions to be drawn about hand function.

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What is measured with manugraphy

A total of 896 high-precision individual force sensors are integrated on the surfaces of the two cylinder-shaped sensors. The different sizes of the manugraphy sensors allow hands of different sizes to be measured in order to analyze the local forces under the hand. Based on the detailed measurements of the individual force contributions, fingers, phalanges and the palm can be analyzed objectively.

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manugraphy software:

manugraphy hand assessment software